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3/2/16Of Vehicles & Chemistry  Here's a little story about Harry Noller and me (Fred Arbogast).  Once upon a time, we were taking Organic Chemistry in Berkeley.  Our collaboration was helpful to survive the course that we took in the ancient Chemistry Building there.  At that time we met up with Pete Chiesa and explored other things too . . . but that's another tale.  

Harry had a Triumph motorcycle and once we both climbed on and headed for the tennis courts at Lake Temescal.  Don't recall who won.  

Earlier, I had an Indian Chief (74 cubic inches) that I used for commuting to Cal but Dolores Roeschen, '57, had urged that I toss it, so I did.  I have to say, its exhaust resonance is still in my gray matter . . . as is that of my later TR3 trekking across the country.

Anyway, Harry just educated me regarding Enzo Ferrari's recollection that he was taken by the sound of the 1916  Packard V12, and it led him to create his V12 racing cars.  That came up when I dug up my great uncle's old Audel Automobile Guide showing the Packard "beast".  Anyway, according to Harry, the first V12 Ferraris, designed by Gioacchino Colombo, were built around 1947. Not flathead like the Packard, but single overhead cams with roller cam followers.

Speaking of motorcycles, here is Harry's BMW R00S sport bike that he rode until recently (when sold it to his department chair at UCSC). Harry says, "1000cc boxer twin, wonderful torque and precision handling..."  Ready for a "wheelie", anyone?

HarryNollerAndBoxer.jpg (843996 bytes)

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 2/24/16 - Way back in September 2014, Ron Hartsough and I (Fred Arbogast) struck up an email conversation and found out that we both started life in Oakland and actually went to the same schools up through about the 6th grade.

I am "blown away" that Ron started at Crocker Highlands school in Oakland. So did I, Bob Johnson and Jan Lilja. This picture below of our Hi 1st grade class (for hi rez click on the photo to see the faces close up) that must have been taken in the Fall of 1944. Miss Gillies was our teacher and I think is the young lady on the far right first row. I'm on the top row, 3rd from the right, Bob is on the middle row 1st on the left, and I think Jan is 5th from the left in the middle row. My buddies were Stevie Levey on my left and Jimmy Dixon middle row 2nd from the right (he was a big football star at Piedmont High). He was probably playing when we lost to them in Piedmont one evening, ugh!

Crocker Highlands Hi First Grade fall 1944.jpg (2431934 bytes)

I started Kindergarten in Crocker Highlands February 1943 in Mrs. Bauman's class. In the middle of Hi 1st, we moved so "little Freddie" transferred to McChesney in Oakland where I completed Hi 6th before transferring to Lafayette Grammar School in 1949. And rest is history. Ron must have been in the Kindergarten Class of September 1943.  Then he also went to McChesney.  That would put us together since I went back a half a grade in Lafayette.  It's amazing the way Ron and I cross paths with those we have known in the past. Way back then in Oakland, Mom was working part time sorting out post cards for Mike Roberts, Bob Roberts' father and famous photographer, and Dad was a paid soloist, singing for a big church in Piedmont while working at the Central Bank on 14th and Broadway. We lived at 1018 Mandana and I used to walk to school . . . always trying to avoid the little traffic boys and their signs. Later I was even a traffic boy at both McChesney and Lafayette. Every once in a while we would take the train out of Trestle Glen to San Francisco to visit my great uncle who was a dentist there, and I would run to get the first seat . . . got it only once.

Ron went to a "kindergarten reunion" in 2013 and 30 classmates showed up including spouses, and we were very proud of the turnout. It was Crocker Highlands in Oakland, Kindergarten Class of 1943 and, as with Acalanes, most of the class still live in the Bay Area. As Ron related to me . . . "We had a nice boozy lunch at the home of a classmate who had inherited his family home in Piedmont, where we used to go after school or sometimes at recess when his mother gave us kool aid and peanut butter cookies. I brought Plumeria leis for the ladies and we ate outside on a very cool, clear day and gabbed until about 5:00 PM. It was a one-off success and renewed connections continue on."